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Pure and Simple


Water Security and Independence

WaterSeer™ is a green, low maintenance, and mobile water solution for any individual or community. WaterSeer™ provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature. The WaterSeer Technology condenses water from the air by drawing water vapor into an underground collection chamber where the water vapor condenses as water. Go to How it Works and Technical Specifications for more information.

The Perfect


WaterSeer is built to give you peace of mind in a pure and simple way. It is the perfect answer for those seeking water security and independence. WaterSeer - meeting an endless demand with a limitless supply


water for the world

WaterSeer started as an innovative concept to an advanced prototype that's become a revolutionary reality. We are proud of our global outreach and we are committed to supporting non-profits worldwide where water will change peoples’ lives in ways we can only imagine today. 

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innovative Design 

People always ask us how WaterSeer works and while the design is continuously being fine-tuned, the idea remains the same. WaterSeer is built to provide a reliable source of pure water using impeccable standards and modern technology.


We will never be satisfied until all people have water security and independence that they need to thrive because they have an abundance of clean water. This spirit ensures that we always challenge the status quo. Because of our efforts, future generations will get water in a unique way. And they will wonder why it was ever provided any other way. 

The future of clean water will be better because we are defining it.