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Technical Update 01 | January 31, 2017

A Prototype
in the Making

In the last few months, we have teamed up with a full service product design firm specializing in all aspects of product development, from initial concept to manufacturing.  

Our team has been working hard to finalize the design of the WaterSeer prototype in preparation for lab testing, which will begin in 2-3 months.  Additionally, we have commenced development of high performance add-on modules geared towards challenging environments. This includes flexible power sources, solid state coolers for the condensation chamber, and hydrostatic control for predictable yield.  

The next iteration of the WaterSeer website will be launching soon!  We will be introducing a WaterSeerCommunity portal that will provide special access to all of our backers. Just can't wait for the next update? No worries, we have a lot more coming your way very soon!