Riohacha, Colombia: WaterSeer Ten Unit Watergrid Yield Forecast

Climate:  Riohacha, Colombia seasonal temperature variation is limited. There is no appreciable temperature difference between seasons. All seasons are hot and very humid. 


Humidity: Riohacha relative humidity remains significant all year round, creating excellent environment for WaterSeer. 


Solar Power Conditions: The seasonal variation for solar power use is moderate and generally favorable with the best period from early February to mid-April. The poorest period for solar energy value is from early September to mid-November. Annual average wattage per square meter is about 5 kWh.


Wind Power Conditions: Wind conditions vary seasonally and are favorable to good with average wind speed varying from surface speeds of just under 13 mph to just over 8.5 MPH for almost 80% of the year. A continuous steady wind of 5 mph or higher is normally required when considering wind power options. The power from a wind turbine goes up with the cube of the wind speed; a 20% increase in the windspeed is a 70% increase in the power produced. 


WaterSeer Yield Curve: The WaterSeer yield curve is below. Yield is based on WaterSeer Sonoma model third party testing and trials under a wide variety of controlled and field conditions. Monthly yield is on the left vertical axis. The bottom horizontal axis is the average temperature. The Relative Humidity % (RH) is color coded in 10% increments.  


Riohacha area estimated yield: Riohacha, Colombia region is an excellent location for WaterSeer deployment. Yield year round is excellent, as is opportunity for solar and wind power off grid deployment. Quarterly yield below is estimated for a small ten-unit WaterGrid installed with the geothermal module. Three types of installations are shown: 

  1. Outside such as an agricultural development.
  2. Hydroponics grow-house or vertical farm.
  3. Coastal deployment, such as near ocean facilities and off shore islands. 

Sources and Data: Weather data and models are derived from historical weather reports January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2016. Yield estimate is from Sonoma Yield Forecast Model. Data graphics are from and

Disclaimer: Weather is unpredictable and weather data and analysis is probabilistic. Every effort has been made to assure this assessment is accurate and error free. It is published as is without any assurance as to its suitability for any purpose.