Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.



How do I purchase a WaterSeer? You can purchase a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 Sonoma directly from our website or through a regional distributor We continue to expand our distributor network. Your regional distributor will be able to help you with installation, periodic maintenance, upgrades, and additional items you may need for your specific region, climate, and personal requirements. 

Do you have a payment plan? Yes, we offer different payment plans to meet the needs of our customers. We do not charge financing fees. There are only two added charges:

  • We add 2.5% which goes to the WaterSeer Foundation to provide water to those who cannot afford clean water themselves. 
  • Our payment processors charge a transaction fee for recurring payments and we add that to the payment. 

We have three payment plans; three months, six months and 12 months. You can learn more here

Which credit cards do you accept for payment? We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Do you accept PayPal? Yes

Do you accept BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies? Currently we do not accept BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies, but this form of payment is under consideration.

How will I know that my purchase was successfully placed? You will receive a confirmation email from WaterSeer that we have received your purchase. 

When will I receive my WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 Sonoma? We normally ship within 30-days after the order is placed. If there is a delay you will receive an email notice of the estimated ship date.

Do you ship to my country? We do not ship directly to individual international customers at this time, with exceptions for urgent requirements or to selected international organizations. We recommend individual international customers work through an authorized international regional distributor. . We  continue to build our international distributor network. The WaterSeer Foundation international shipments will begin in 2019.

Is my purchase refundable? We are glad to provide you a refund under our refund policy. We do not provide refunds for incomplete payments, international orders, or for purchases through a regional distributor. 

Why do Indiegogo contributors get special discounts when buying a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018? Indiegogo (IGG) contributors, like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, accept the risk that the project may experiences changes, delays, unforeseen challenges, and it's possible that a project they funded might not come to fruition. We recognize and reward the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 early adopters by offering them special discounts and other benefits. 

Can I be an early adopter? Can I purchase a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 on Indiegogo (IGG)? The early adopter program is closed although we continue to run special sales promotions to our customers. You can purchase a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 directly from our website or through your regional distributor

Our IGG campaign closed on 26 March 2018. Under IGG policy, contributions to crowdfunding campaigns are not like a purchase of a product for sale. The Indiegogo policy on contributions is clear: We follow and comply with this policy.

What are the benefits of being a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 IGG contributor? IGG early adopters get full credit for their IGG contribution when they buy a  WaterSeer Sonoma 2018

Can Indiegogo contributors get a refund? Yes, although refunds are not required. We provide our IGG contributors refunds under our refund policy.

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Is installation included in my WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 purchase? The WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 is ready to operate when it received. Many people did not want the underground portion even though it reduced power requirements and increased the yield. To avoid unnecessary cost per unit, we developed an underground geothermal module as an option. We do not recommend installation of the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 with the geothermal module without assistance of an authorized distributor, as it may void your warranty. 

If you have any questions, please contact your regional distributor for support on installation, periodic maintenance, upgrades, and additional items you may need for your specific region, climate, and personal requirements. You can find the list of authorized regional distributors here: 

Can I install a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 with the geothermal module on my own? That may depend on your intended use, location and access to the appropriate tools and technical services. Installation costs will vary based upon your location and the complexity of your specific installation. If you have any questions, please contact your regional distributor.

What type of maintenance does WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 need? There is nothing internal to the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 that can be maintained by the users. Opening the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 by other than an authorized distributor will void your warranty. Other than periodic inspection and cleaning of the outside surface, no external maintenance is required. To assure efficient operation and to maintain maximum yield, assure that the intake and exhaust ports are unobstructed and allow a free flow of air. If your WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 stops working during normal operating conditions, contact us and we will replace it.

How do you keep bugs from entering the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 ? Are you sure the screen is small enough? We are using a recommended outdoor screening mesh; however, 'bugs' can get into anything, including the Space Shuttle! 

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Is it possible to power my WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 off the grid? Yes. You can use your existing solar panel or use one of our recommended solar kits. We can also provide support for wind-powered solutions. Detailed information is available in the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 Operation and Installation Manual. This manual is available online in the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 Community section of our website. Our California distributor has vetted a number of solar options. You may purchase your solar kit directly from their website at

How long will it last on solar power? The solar panel and extender battery allow for 24hr operation under most conditions. The optimum time to run to achieve maximize the yield is often in the early morning hour and evening hours when there is low light. The solar panel charges a battery during the day to ensure it can operate during peak times. An additional 12V battery may give you an added measure or confidence in the event of inclement weather. Outdoor rated 12 V solar panel components are very robust and normally have an estimated 10-year life span. So, once it is installed it will keep your WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 churning out water for years.

Can WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 be plugged into traditional power sources? Yes, units can also be used on grid power (110V, 60Hz AC) or can be used with other power sources with an appropriate electrical power interface.

Does it work? Has it been third party validated? Yes. The WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 was independent tested in April 2018 with NTS with excellent results. These results were used to make additional improvements in the production model of the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018. We have also conducted multiple field and bench tests of prototypes in Florida, California, and Virginia. 

You can also view detailed case studies of specific regions with forecast yield and performance graphics. If you want a specific forecast for your region and it is not yet available on our website, please contact us directly. Additional performance information is available on our WaterSeer Community section of our website.

WaterSeer is deployed in field locations and commercial hydroponic greenhouses in the USA.
We have won awards and been recognized for technical innovation by numerous organizations, including the Greater Washington Chamber of Commerce Innovation Awards, the Katerva Award, and the Women Who Tech Start-Up Challenge Sponsored by Google. We have presented WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 to the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, which included a detailed technical review and white paper.

WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 technology and design is protected by numerous approved provisional patents, trademarks and trade secrets. 

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What makes WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 different from other similar concepts? WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 is different from similar concepts in many ways. It has various flexibilities to meet more than one need. It’s composed of interchangeable units and can be customized based on the environment around you. WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 is not one size fits all and that’s the beauty of it.

Will the design change from what’s shown on the website? The WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 design changed during the prototyping and testing phase to make improvements and to incorporate innovations. As we improve the product, we will continue to make improvements to later models, as well as retrofit current models when appropriate.

How long can I leave the water in the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018? WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 does not store water and drains immediately through the water tube as water is produced. Normal operation, safeguarding, and filtration of water stored in reservoirs should be applied depending on its intended use.

Can multiple WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 units be combined to collect water into a central or common reservoir? Yes. Different than large monolithic solutions, the WaterSeer architecture is distributed allowing a point of delivery to different parts of a property with as many or as few units as required to meet specific needs. WaterGrids are usually 10 or more WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 units connected with geothermal tube and underground tubing to drain into a cistern for storage.

What are the dimensions of the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018? WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 Here are the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 dimensions and specifications:


What are the optimal conditions for the WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 to produce water? 80% of the world’s population live in areas suitable for WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 deployment. WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 can be deployed anywhere where there is air and can be powered conventionally or by off-grid solar or wind power. The ideal deployment environments are in relatively warm, humid, arid and semi-arid locations. It is also very useful in hydroponic and aquaponic operations with a requirement for very high water quality, particularly if there is a requirement to control excess humidity or condensation. 

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How did you come with idea? Nancy was reading an article about the water crisis, women in Africa walking for 6 hours to fetch dirty water and using their skirts to strain out larvae. Yuck! It was lunchtime, a beautiful humid summer day in Washington DC, the pitcher filled with ice cold lemonade was sweating. Don said air is full of pure water, and its everywhere. Let’s get the water out of the air and eliminate the distribution and pollution problem. The trick is to get it out in sufficient quantities at low energy, so everyone everywhere can have as much clean water as they want. And that was the beginning of the journey.

How about the water quality? Can I drink the Water? We have tested the water over several days using EPA certified water quality test kits. The water from WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 exceeds all WHO and EPA standards for water quality.

Is it cleaner than my tap water? The water from your WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 is much cleaner than your tap water, however we offer excellent filters to give you complete confidence in the water that you drink, regardless of the source. 
WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 is not sold to produce water for human consumption. Like a private well, you are responsible for the safety of the water your produce and consume.

You can see the quality of your tap water at the EWG database Be prepared for a shock. WaterSeer Sonoma 2018

Who else is doing it? There is nothing like WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 currently available. It is modular, affordable, environmentally safe and climate friendly, low power, sustainable, and can scale to any level required. No competitor has the unique WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 modular design or social impact business model.

Can I send my WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 to someone else? Yes. You can use a shipping address that is different from your billing address at checkout.

How will my purchase of a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 contribute to help those in need? We have established a non-profit organization, WaterSeer Foundation and are in the process of getting our 501C3 non-profit status. 

Every time a WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 unit is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to our Foundation to help deploy WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 to a family in need. 

How can I become a vendor/distributor for WaterSeer Sonoma 2018? Here is the link to start the process https://www.WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 .org/regional-distributors We have a standard and thorough vetting process. Not all applications are accepted. 

A word about Trolls…
Developing WaterSeer Sonoma 2018 has been an amazing and rewarding journey! Access to clean water is a world-wide crisis. This urgent problem and amazing people and organizations working on solutions continue to inspire us. 

However, not everyone believes in this mission, and you may have seen some internet ’Trolls’ on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets. In addition to publishing defaming, uninformed, and fraudulent, trolls have made death threats, trespassed on our offices, sought physical confrontation, initiated cyber-attacks, and worse. Whew!

It is mystifying to us why an effort to develop a solution to the water crisis would generate such hate and hostility. Our legal advisers and mentors have told us that this is the flipside of taking on great challenges with daring, disruptive solutions. Apparently, some people enjoy living in the dark and cursing the candle-lighters. 

So far, we have chosen not to respond directly; we are told this encourages Troll-like behavior, and is what they want most, which is greater attention to themselves. We think our energy and resources are better focused on developing WaterSeer technology and deploying it to the world.

This amazing journey is not for the timid. We want future generations to wonder why people got water any other way. We intend to change lives for the better around the world, in ways they cannot imagine today. 

What have you done about it?
We take threats, defamation, harassment and bullying very seriously and have reported threatening and potentially illegal activity to the police, as well as taken administrative action when necessary. As a result, some trolls have been removed from social media websites, while other action is pending. 

We maintain a record identifying and documenting troll activity, informing the appropriate authorities of public safety issues, and assuring our employees, partners, and customers are informed and aware of possible threats. 

We are not in business to combat trolls, but to bring the world water security and water independence. We prefer that our performance, our mission, and our character ultimately answer all questions.

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