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Several people have had questions about WaterSeer, how it works, and when it will be ready. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.



Do you ship to my country?
More than likely, yes. However, please check your local laws and regulations to ensure the use of WaterSeer is permitted. 

Which credit cards can I use to reserve my unit? 
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

How will I know that my reservation was successfully placed? 
You will receive a confirmation email from WaterSeer. Once your order ships, you will receive another email with the tracking number for your package.

Is my reservation refundable?
Absolutely. Just let us know you would like the refund and we will take care of it for you (less any bank or administrative fees). Please follow the directions in our Request a Refund form in our Contact Us page in order to send you the refund accordingly.

I'm an Early Adopter from the IndieGogo campaign, is my reservation refundable?
Yes it is. Please refer to our Request a Refund form in our Contact Us page in order to send you the refund accordingly. 

When do I need to pay the balance?
We will contact you when the manufacturing of your unit is about to begin, at which point the balance of your payment will be due.

When will I be getting my WaterSeer?
Your WaterSeer will arrive in the order that it was received. Early Adopters from our IndieGogo campaign will receive their WaterSeer first followed by those that purchased directly through our website. 

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Is installation included in my WaterSeer purchase?
WaterSeer will come with a set of installation and maintenance instructions, as well as an online reference, videos, and support. We are working with local partners that will contact you once your WaterSeer is ready to ship.

Who can install my WaterSeer if I am not near a WaterSeer local partner?
Installation costs will vary based upon your location and the complexity of your specific installation. Any certified plumber and landscaper will be able to install the unit, with the installation instructions WaterSeer provides.

What type of maintenance does WaterSeer need?
We are fine tuning the design but as with any water system, periodic annual inspection is recommended to assure output is free of microbial growth.

How do you keep bugs from entering the WaterSeer? Are you sure the screen is small enough?
We are using a recommended outdoor screening mesh; however, 'bugs' can get into everything, including the Space Shuttle! 

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Can WaterSeer be plugged into traditional power sources?  
Yes. If you don’t have solar panels or don’t want them, each unit can simply be plugged into a traditional power outlet.

Is it possible to power my WaterSeer off the grid?
Of course.  You can use your existing solar panel or use one of our specifically designed solar powered WaterSeer modules.

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What makes WaterSeer different from other similar concepts?
WaterSeer is different from similar concepts in many ways. It has various flexibilities to meet more than one need. It’s composed of interchangeable units and has the ability to be customized based on the environment around you. WaterSeer is not one size fits all and that’s the beauty of it.

Will the design change from what’s shown on the website?
As we commercialize the product, we may make design changes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How long can I leave the water in the WaterSeer?
Your WaterSeer should emptied daily, at a minimum. WaterSeer should not be used for water storage. 

Can multiple WaterSeers be combined to collect water into a central or common reservoirs?
We recommend that WaterSeer 'Orchard' reservoirs be connected underground to drain into a cistern for storage to ensure production continues when the reservoir is not emptied. For municipal use, we are designing a very large capacity WaterSeer.

What are the dimensions of the WaterSeer?
We are currently in the design and field-trial phase, so final dimensions are not yet known. However, we believe the standard WaterSeer in-ground condenser may be about three feet above the ground, approximately six feet below ground and approximately 15 inches in diameter. We will be testing and refining WaterSeer performance during the pilot tests.

What are the optimal conditions for the WaterSeer to produce water?
It depends on your power source (solar vs. traditional plug in) and the level of heat and humidity in your area. The highest WaterSeer yield production is continuous warm humid conditions with ground temperature at 2 meters below ground close to dew point. We provide an expected yield chart on our website.

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How can I become a vendor for WaterSeer?
We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us with the area you’d like to cover along with some information about your company. We will send you an application with the screening process that’s involved. You can check it out here.

Can I send my WaterSeer to someone else?
Of course. An email will be sent to you when your WaterSeer is being manufactured and ready to ship out. At that time, you can provide the final shipping address of where you’d like to send your WaterSeer.

Can I drink the water?
Yes! WaterSeer can produce drinking water that meets the World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality. 

How will my purchase of a WaterSeer contribute to help those in need?
We are in the process of creating the WaterSeer Foundation. Every time a WaterSeer device is purchased, a  percentage of the proceeds are donated to our non-profit program and a family in need is helped. We have non-profit partners in Africa as well as in Latin America and are continuously expanding our non-profit partner network. 

How can my non-profit organization become a partner with WaterSeer, Inc?
We'd be happy to have you as part of our team! The first step is to send an email to with the subject line Non-profit Partnership. In the email, please let us know your organization name, website and the best phone number to reach you. 

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