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Several people have had questions about WaterSeer, how it works, and when it will be ready. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.


What makes WaterSeer different from other similar concepts?

WaterSeer is different from similar concepts in many ways. It has various flexibilities to meet more than one need. It’s composed of interchangeable units and has the ability to be customized based on the environment around you. WaterSeer is not one size fits all and that’s the beauty of it.

When will WaterSeer be ready to ship?

We will be conducting extensive field-trials in late spring, and are projecting to begin fulfilling shipments in late 2017. WaterSeer Community members will have first access to our schedule and plans.

What role does the National Peace Corp have in the WaterSeer project?

The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) has been involved in the development of WaterSeer since the initial field trials in April 2016 at UC Berkeley, and they have agreed to coordinate additional trials using the improved and new prototypes in targeted emerging economies this coming year.

Is $250 the final price of the WaterSeer? 

No, we are currently running field trials as part of the industrial design process of the WaterSeer. As such, the final price has yet to be determined.The $250 will be credited toward the final cost of the WaterSeer once it's complete and ready to ship. The shipping is as an additional fee. In addition to the $250, you will receive an additional 10% discount off the final price. 

Can multiple WaterSeers be combined to collect water into a central or common reservoir? 

We recommend that WaterSeer 'Orchard' reservoirs be connected underground to drain into a cistern for storage to ensure production continues when the reservoir is not emptied. For municipal use, we are designing a very large capacity WaterSeer.

What are the dimensions of the WaterSeer?

We are currently in the design and field-trials phase, so final dimensions are not yet known. However, we believe the standard WaterSeer in-ground condenser may be about three feet above the ground, approximately six feet below ground and approximately two feet in diameter.

How does temperature affect waterseer performance?

Water condenses out of the air as a liquid at all temperatures below the boiling point and above the freezing point. This covers most climatic conditions, however, below freezing point, atmospheric water vapor appears as frost.  In order to overcome this limitation, our engineers are developing a cold weather performance kit for the WaterSeer.  The purpose of the cold weather performance kit will be to warm the air, thereby increasing the water vapor density before it enters the condensation chamber so that it can be collected as a liquid.

Is the water produced by WaterSeer distilled water? 

Yes, the pure distilled water can be modified or enhanced to meet health requirements and/or preferences. There are a variety of water purification tools and techniques that can be added after production, depending on preferences, regional expectations, and local laws and regulations.

What training is available for the installation and maintenance of these units?

The WaterSeer will come with a set of installation and maintenance instructions, as well as an online reference, videos, and support. We are glad to work with you to assure success of your project, and can deploy an installation team at an additional cost, however, the WaterSeer is designed to be simple, low maintenance and low cost. We will know more regarding training requirements following field-trials.

Does the WaterSeer come with a hose and pump? 

No it does not. There are a wide variety of pumps to fit individual circumstances, and we saw no reason to re-invent the wheel while increasing the cost to our contributors. We now have contributors in 71 countries; no single pump will meet all these circumstances, therefore instead of shipping one, you may get one locally.

How can I become a WaterSeer Distributor?

In order to become part of this community, there is an evaluation process. There is a form to fill out and an application fee.  Once the application has been received, our operations team will evaluate the potential applicant.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we do. You can check out our policy, here. If you are wondering about your Early Adopter IndieGogo purchase, please see here for How To Request a Refund.

Can I be involved in the field testing for WaterSeer? 

The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) will decide where WaterSeer will have field-trials.