“The greatest benefit of WaterSeer in emerging economies is freeing up enormous amounts of time that now can be devoted to children, health, agriculture, education, and developing micro-businesses.”
— –Don Zacherl and Nancy Curtis, Founding Partners

WaterSeer is here to make fresh, clean water abundantly available to all. Our buy-one, give-one program provides the resources to support non-profit organizations around the world to assure no one suffers from lack of clean, fresh drinking water.

With every WaterSeer you purchase, we will help a community in need.

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Everyone needs clean water. Follow our journey on the WaterSeer Journal as we move through the various stages of engineering, design, testing and delivery around the world. Join our WaterSeer Community and get behind the scenes access of what we’re up to. If you’d like to reserve your WaterSeer, click here.