Field Trial test result 2017



By June of 2017 we had a working prototype of the active cooling model and soon thereafter began field trials. Six field trials were conducted of the WaterSeer™ Active Cooling prototype over a two-week (Controlled Environment, Above Ground and In Ground). Highest daily
yield was 9.8 US Gals. Lowest Daily yield was 3.5 US Gals.


Eleven above ground field trials were conducted over a two-week period including calibration
and short-term trials. Highest daily yield was 10.6 Gal (40.4L) and lowest yield was 8.0 Gal (30.4L).
The results of long duration trials are below.



The field trials showed how the prototype could be further improved. The newer model design and refinements, which are incorporated into the Sonoma model, which was tested during the summer, will be able to generate the desired yield at the power of a 150-watt light bulb -- the WaterSeer prototype works as predicted, generating the desired yield with minimum power at a competitive price.

Below are pictures of the field trials conducted over the summer. Field trial results of the WaterSeer Orchard model will be released soon. 


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