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waterSEER for the world FOUNDATION



Photo courtesy by: SOCOBA 

We are proud of our global outreach. We are committed to supporting non-profits in the many areas of the world where we know we can make a difference. Every time a WaterSeer device is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to our non-profit program to provide clean water to people with NO access to clean water.

As part of this program, WaterSeer recently had the opportunity to bring two groups together for an amazing cause. Edgemere Elementary 5th graders of Baltimore, Maryland raised enough funds to donate WaterSeers for the Society of Children Orphaned by AIDS (SOCOBA) in Botswana.  Their organization aims at providing supplemental education, basic life skills, youth empowerment programs, and health services to vulnerable children and those orphaned or infected by HIV/AIDS. 

The main water supply in Mabule has been contaminated and had left people with having to rely on the nearest village 16 kilometers away for water. WaterSeers will have a tremendous impact on the village of Mabule and its youth, especially girls who may be held home from school to fetch water. 

Lack of water is an enormous issue we no longer ignore because we know we can help people solve these issues themselves by providing sustainable resources. WaterSeer has the potential to become a unique and ingenious solution to this problem for multitudes of people.