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There is an abundance of water all around us. Three quarters of the world is covered in water and there are over 3,100 cubic miles of fresh water in the atmosphere. Yet over 2.3 billion people struggle daily to get enough water. The problem is getting worse, and the old solutions are not working.

Our Story

We wanted to help solve this problem. So we invented WaterSeer - a simple device that provides clean fresh water right where people live. In 2015 we began the process of research, preliminary field experiments, developing strategic partnerships, dialogue and outreach. In 2016 we partnered with the National Peace Corps Association, launched an engineering challenge with UC Berkeley Sutardja Center, conducted experimental designs and field trials, improved our design, and launched a successful crowdfunding  campaign. 

Today, thanks to the generous support of our contributors,  our team is working to develop improved product prototypes. The initial industrial design phase is expected to take approximately three months. After that we will conduct lab trials for about four weeks, and then - in late-Spring of 2017 - we will move on to outdoor field trials in various locations.

The Need for Water



Throughout the world, one in three people lack the daily minimum, 7.1 cups of water needed to survive. Worldwide, someone dies every 90 seconds for lack of clean, safe  drinking water. 


inaccessible water

Around the world, more than one in five people live in areas without easy access to water. Women and children routinely spend up to six hours day collecting and carrying water from its source to where it is needed.


Even in wealthy and developed parts of the world, water can be limited and rainfall rare. WaterSeer will let people take control of their supplemental water needs by collecting water directly from the air around them.