WaterSeer Inc Becomes Katerva Award Finalist

Selected as a Finalist in Materials, Resources & Water category



RESTON, VA – April 18, 2018:   WaterSeer Inc., was selected as a finalist for the Katerva Award in the Materials, Resources & Water category.

Katerva was designed to unite people and technology that were paramount to catalyzing and supporting scalable sustainable innovations. 

The Katerva Award, which Reuters recently called the "Nobel of Sustainability" is said to be the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. The Katerva Award program covers a wide range of sustainable innovations that have the potential to achieve greater global wealth and human well-being while reducing our impact on the planet.

“We are honored to be selected as a finalist for the Katerva Award,” said Nancy Curtis, Founding Partner WaterSeer Inc.“ Their global team of experts will assess the category finalists over the coming weeks and determine the category winners, which we hope to be a part of,” added Curtis.

The mission of Katerva is to find, evaluate and accelerate disruptive sustainable innovations from around the world. Through this award process, ideas are identified, refined and accelerated toward impact for a global level.

“WaterSeer Inc was selected for its innovative, game changing Atmospheric Water Generator, a device that provides affordable and sustainable clean water globally,” said Don Zacherl, Founding Partner WaterSeer Inc. “Each unit collects clean, fresh water. Designed for outdoors, it can be configured in single units or in watergrids producing 100,000s gallons,” added Zacherl.

WaterSeer devices also have hydrostatic Artificial Intelligence that figures out how to maximize the water yield, no matter where it is placed while being “green” the whole time. WaterSeer can run off-grid on solar power, or common grid power.

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