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June 4, 2017

My WaterSeer Story

isle de paix

“If you give a man a fish, he will eat for one day. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life”

My name is Ludovic JOLY and I’ve been working with Iles de Paix for almost 8 years now as Country Director. Iles de Paix is a Belgian non-profit organization that was created in the 1960’s and currently works in 5 countries including Benin, Burkina Faso, Peru, Uganda and Tanzania. In its countries of operations, Iles de Paix facilitates local, reproducible and sustainable development led by disadvantaged populations with their representatives and local authorities.

Through this approach, it allows us to insure proposed solutions that are relevant according to the needs of the populations, while also providing opportunity to improve the ownership of the programs by communities. We envision a world allowing everyone to live in dignity and develop its potential, a united world that promotes access for all human rights in a protected environment.


I took some time off after college to travel across many countries, mainly in Africa and became aware of the situations that surround the communities. Over time, it was clear I needed to do something. It was not with the idea to save the world, but to help and support (local) initiatives for a better development of emerging countries.

Currently Iles de Paix is implementing a water project for the Massaï Communities in the northern part of Tanzania. This program called Maisha Bora, is being implemented by 5 international organizations, each responsible for one component of the program. Iles de Paix is responsible for the water component with the specific objective to improve sustainable access to safe water for human consumption and livestock. The current situation for access to water in the country is catastrophic and has many challenges.


We are looking for techniques and technologies that can produce drinkable water. These two challenges were met with a solution when we came across WaterSeer. The impact WaterSeer will have in these communities will not only affect their health, but also time that is taken away from women who travel far to go fetch water.

Our mission is to create a harmonious balance and quality life for all. “If I receive a fish I will eat one day, if I learn to fish, I will eat all my life”. This proverb and belief is very dear to us. By exchanging knowledge, training and lifelong learning with our beneficiaries and partners, we can make a difference.