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We are here to provide you with water security and water independence. 

There is an abundance of water all around us. Three quarters of the world is covered in water and there are over 3,100 cubic miles of fresh water in the atmosphere. Yet over 2.3 billion people struggle daily to get enough water. 

Every day, water is the first thing we drink and the last thing we use. We drink our fill, shower and bathe daily, water our lawns, wash our clothes and our dishes knowing that clean, safe water is an unquestioned condition of our lives. And yet, it’s a commodity not everyone has at their disposal.

WaterSeer condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals. It is green, low-maintenance, sustainable, mobile and scalable for any community.  Our company is developing a family of new products that will provide a limitless supply of clean water to meet the world’s endless demand. 

The Need for Water



Throughout the world, one in three people lack the daily minimum, 7.1 cups of water needed to survive. Worldwide, someone dies every 90 seconds for lack of clean, safe  drinking water. 


Even in wealthy and developed parts of the world, water can be limited and rainfall rare. WaterSeer will let people take control of their supplemental water needs by collecting water directly from the air around them. 


inaccessible water

Around the world, more than one in five people live in areas without easy access to water. Women and children routinely spend up to six hours day collecting and carrying water from its source to where it is needed.

The WaterSeer design has evolved since our initial crowdfunding campaign. As WaterSeer transforms from an innovative concept to a revolutionary reality, we want to keep you informed during the extensive process. The Advanced WaterSeer Development Timeline explains where we are and what’s ahead of us. As we progress through our schedule and reach each milestone, the timeline will be shaded in blue.

Everyone needs clean water. Follow our journey on the WaterSeer Journal as we move through the various stages of engineering, design, testing and delivery around the world. Join our WaterSeer Community and get behind the scenes access of what we’re up to. If you’d like to reserve your WaterSeer, click here.


Did you know?


VICI-Labs was Named 2017 Emerging Tech Innovator of the Year by Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce for their work on WaterSeer!


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