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We are now taking reservations for a WaterSeer Sonoma in the Southern and Western United States (Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, California), Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Reservation price is $75 per WaterSeer Sonoma unit, minimum order of two (2).

For a limited time, we are offering a $50 shipping credit per unit for customers who make a reservation on a minimum of two (2) WaterSeer Sonoma units. Reserve nine (9) WaterSeer Sonoma units and enjoy a 10% discount, a savings of $1,228 and free shipping, USA only (shipping credit still applies on international orders)!  Orders over 100, please contact us directly for additional discounts via Delivery begins September 2018.

If you are from a geographic area outside of those specified above, you can still make a reservation, but shipping will not start until we have distributors serving your region.

Inventory: Unlimited

You are purchasing a basic WaterSeer Sonoma, 90-day warranty.  Your distributor will contact you to coordinate your specific needs and options, which include plans and pricing for:

  • Installation

  • Off-grid solar power operation

  • Water storage

  • Potable water filters

  • Extended warranty

NOTE: The $75 per unit will be credited toward the final cost of the WaterSeer Sonoma with a current MSRP of $1,395 for one. This incentive price has a minimum order of two (2) WaterSeer units. 10% discount on nine (9) WaterSeer units. The $75 per unit is a non-refundable reservation (Reservation Agreement). Offers ends August 1, 2018.

Find a Regional Distributor or if you want to apply to become a regional distributor CLICK HERE!

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