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WaterSeer™ SoNOMA

Technical SPecifications


"WaterSeer™ is a green, low maintenance and mobile water solution for any individual or community. WaterSeer™ provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature."


How Does It Work:

An internal fan draws air into a collection chamber where the water vapor condenses as water. The yield is accelerated using our low power air cooling system. System efficiency is maintained using proprietary hydrostatic feedback controls. The WaterSeer™ maximizes performance during the peak yield periods to assure high efficiency and low power requirements. Water is produced continuously at 150 watt-hours per liter and lower depending on conditions. During field trials, reached System Coefficient of Performance (COP) of over 2.7. Additional Solar Power modules makes WaterSeer™ grid independent. Can use any power source.

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  • 8’ Long

  • 8” in Diameter

  • 35 lbs. empty

  • Up to 9.8 Gallons (37 Liters)  of water per day

  • 99.9% Pure Water

  • Works between 32F and 160F. Most efficient performance between 60F and 90F and 35% RH to 99% RH.

  • WaterSeer™ drinking water exceeds EPA purity standards and World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality.



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