WaterSeer is a not-for-profit initiative. Funds raised for WaterSeer are used to improve the product's functionality and design, expedite trials and fabrication, and get it rapidly deployed to where it can make the most impact. 

Specifically the funds will be used to:

  • Improve the WaterSeer design to increase the daily yield in multiple climates and conditions.
  • Conduct field-trials in different locations globally.
  • Manufacture and distribute to our WaterSeer community.
  • Build a worldwide online community who will tell the WaterSeer story as it progresses.

When you donate at the $25 (or above) level, we will send you a password giving you access to "Subscriber" level content on the website. Subscribers receive more in-depth coverage of our design and development progress, weeks before it appears in the WaterSeer Journal blog.