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The Perfect Answer

Meeting an endless demand with a limitless supply



WaterSeer leaves nature's aquifers and water resources untouched. It can provide an endless supply of water naturally, using sunlight and air.


WaterSeer can be tailored to climate, condition, and customer requirements for almost any environment. It works as individual units or in ‘Orchards’ to provide thousands of gallons.


Elegant and reliable in design and purpose, WaterSeer is beautiful, blending form and function to provide a new source of water to the world.



Simply Pure Water


WaterSeer drinking water exceeds EPA purity standards and World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality. WaterSeer can provide an assured source of water in emergency situations, such as earthquakes, floods, or mechanical breakdowns.



Pure water where you need it


Severe droughts, climate change, and population growth make water more important than ever. WaterSeer is a simple, easy to use and scalable for all types of agriculture to enhance sustainable landscapes, farms, and gardens.


Nature and Wildlife

Providing water for all, big and small


All life needs water. Water sources are depleted; overuse, growing populations, and climate change. WaterSeer offers the opportunity to provide water to preserve wildlife and maintain the sustainable balance with nature and humans.