With its bountiful farms, rugged mountains, spectacular parks, and endless miles of coast and beaches, nearly 40 million people love to call California home.

But most of the water used in California comes from either an unreliable mountain snowpack, or from underground aquifers that are being depleted faster than they can be replenished — leading to shortages and an uncertain water future for the Golden State.


WaterSeer implements a simple, affordable new technology that collects water directly from the air around us. WaterSeer technology is a rugged low maintenance solution. Each device channels air into a chamber where it cools the air providing pure, clean water that exceeds all EPA standards for water purity and quality. A WaterSeer grid of 10 units in a 70 degree Fahrenheit and 70% Relative Humidity environment delivers about 1000 gallons of pure water per month. When sequenced in a grid of 20 units WaterSeer delivers enough water to support a 5,000 sq. ft. grow house, providing pure water for hydroponics at low power. Below is a simple matrix of seasonal estimate in gallons:

 Estimated yields for California locations.

Estimated yields for California locations.

WaterSeer’s sensory feedback system monitors environmental conditions, and intelligent controls ensure that WaterSeer devicescollect the maximum amount of water while using the minimum amount of power. WaterSeer’s low power requirement means that you can use solar power to run it off the grid.

WaterSeer is fault-tolerant, survivable in catastrophic situations, and adaptable to multiple applications. When linked “in-sequence” WaterSeer can provide enough water for public parks and green-spaces, roadway landscapes, commercial properties, urban gardens, residential communities, retail developments, as well as vineyards, livestock, and agriculture. Since WaterSeer replenishes rather than depletes the water supply; regional water credits may apply. All of which makes WaterSeer ideal for bringing water independence to California.

WaterSeer devices sold in California support our mission of bringing water security to the world. Every time the WaterSeer technology is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds go to providing WaterSeer technology to people in need around the globe. Lack of water in emerging economies relegates women and children to a life of poverty. Clean water, right where they live, is the foundation that will change their lives in ways they cannot imagine today. Once they are no longer using all their time to collect water, they will be able to enrich their lives as they see fit. And so, the virtuous cycle begins.

WaterSeer and California — made for each other.

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