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Water independence


Attain Water Security and Independence

Imagine if you could have access to your own independent and abundant water supply right in your backyard.

Now you can. No restrictions, no fines, and no limits.

Powered by a small solar panel or generator, WaterSeer’s revolutionary technology requires only the power of a 150 watt light bulb to pull up to 10 gallons of clean drinking water a day from the atmosphere -- eliminating the burden on reservoirs as well as the need to curtail home maintenance activities in compliance with state-mandated conservation targets.

Water collected from WaterSeer devices has been rigorously tested for purity, and in all tests, WaterSeer water has proven contaminant- and pollutant-free, and has far exceeded the EPA standards for clean drinking water.

Now you can take your water security into your own hands.

Declare your independence!! Order your WaterSeer today at a special introductory price of only $780 (a $200 savings). Reserve for $488 and pay the rest when your WaterSeer is ready to ship. 



Please send questions to: Carl Gillberg, West Coast distributor at