Water security


Be Prepared.

After a severe storm, earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster, it can take days, weeks or even longer to restore water access to your home.

An adult human being requires almost a ½ gallon of drinking water every day just to survive. How can you ensure you have sufficient water on hand to adequately care for yourself and your loved ones when your normal supply system fails or is contaminated?

Water collected from WaterSeer devices has been tested for purity.  In all tests, WaterSeer water has proven contaminant- and pollutant-free -- while exceeding EPA standards for clean drinking water.

For less than the cost of 1 year of bottled water, a WaterSeer device will supply you with endless pure drinking water whether you are preparing for an emergency, recovering from a storm, or simply to assure a clean, uncontaminated drinking water source throughout the year.

WaterSeer’s revolutionary design and proven technology is low power and yields pure clean drinking water straight from the atmosphere. WaterSeer can be powered by any electrical system or offgrid with solar panels.

Take your water security and independence into your own hands.


Please send questions to info@waterseer.org