Constellation CONCEPT & TESTING


"WaterSeer™ is a green, low maintenance and mobile water solution for any individual or community. WaterSeer™ provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature."


The WaterSeer Constellation:

In mid October 2017, the WaterSeer engineering team began to field test the WaterSeer "Constellation" concept. A WaterSeer ‘Constellation’ makes best use of the modular design to increase aggregate yield for larger community and business requirements.  Connecting multiple WaterSeer units underground improves thermal efficiency, gives a high system coefficient of performance, and reduces overall costs through economies of scale. A 100 unit WaterSeer ‘Constellation’ can generate over an acre-foot of pure water in a year (over 350,000 gallons) and reduces the energy operating cost per gallon to less than one fifth of the cost of the average US Water Treatment Plant.

For example, building a constellation of 200 WaterSeer units creates a personal WaterGrid that provides a land owner with over 759,200 gallons of water created from the air. This combination of smart WaterSeer units, coupled either with on-grid or off-grid power, provides a new source of water – extracted in sufficient quantities from the atmosphere via a modular, scalable solution.

This solution relieves pressure on exiting water  resources and gives farmers and ranchers water freedom. The WaterSeer constellation of 200 units gives the farmer and rancher their own WaterGrid, and is unencumbered by environmental, legal, or third-party water and property ownership challenges. It is cost effective today and will only increase in value as demand increases, sources run dry, regional water ownership is re-negotiated, and water use is further constrained.



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