Happy Earth Day!

I don’t know about you, but growing up I never really understood the importance of Earth Day. Our teachers would encourage us to plant a tree, grow…something, recycle or make “dirt” cups (crushed Oreos over chocolate pudding).

Earth day simply came and went…but now, as an adult and even as a parent, it’s so much more meaningful. The day represents a future for generations to come and keeping the environment we all occupy, healthy and sustainable. It’s held on April 22nd, every year, no matter the year, or day of the week and it’s honored by leaders, citizens, organizations and agencies around the world.

Teaching your kids the importance of Earth Day is the first step, as they will be our legacy and the caretakers of our planet in years to come. But how the heck do I explain carbon footprint let alone sustainability to a 4-year-old? 

We have a balcony garden (yes, it’s totally possible) and my daughter loves to water our plants daily. Recently, before we left for vacation, she expressed her concern on how they will do during our absence. Did I mention she’s 4? She’s learning the definition of sustainability on her own by simply ensuring our garden has enough water and resources to maintain itself while we’re gone. At her young age, she sees the importance of our little garden and the difference it makes with our environment.

Can you imagine a WaterSeer orchard in your garden or in some unfortunate cases, drought stricken areas?  

I can. The possibilities are endless because WaterSeer is not only sustainable for the environment, but also simple, easy to use and can be a family-scale solution…at least in my case when we eventually buy a house.

Just like any other holiday, Earth Day doesn’t have to be celebrated on only one day of the year.

Regardless of how you celebrate it, its message about the personal duty we all share to “think globally and act locally” as environmental keepers of planet Earth has never been more timely or important.

Do your part. Whether it’s investing in new innovative solutions, having your own little vegetable garden or giving your kids “dirt” cups while practicing the word “sustainability”... do your part. We all share the responsibility to do as much as we can to preserve our planet for future generations to come.

And with that, Happy Earth Day!