WaterSeer Inc. and CEA Farms Announce Hydroponic Partnership

WaterSeer units installed in Greenhouse are providing all the water from the air necessary to run three Hydroponic Vertical Growing Systems 

RESTON, VA – 12 September, 2018: WaterSeer Inc., and CEA Farms announced a partnership to test an independent source of clean, abundant, water-generating solution for Hydroponic and Vertical Farm Systems (H/VFS) in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. 

The WaterSeer Sonoma, an Atmospheric Water Generator, is a two for one solution for the H/VFS grower; it both makes clean water from the air and takes unwanted atmospheric water (humidity) away. The WaterSeer Sonoma produces an unlimited amount of pure, clean, chemical, particulate, and microbial free water every day at low power, and it significantly reduces atmospheric water, controlling the unwanted condensation and reducing water related organic blights, such as molds, fungus, and microbial blight. 

CEA Farms near Purcellville, Virginia, has been utilzing WaterSeers units in their Greenhouse since August. The two WaterSeer units installed are providing all the water necessary to run three Hydroponic Vertical Growing Systems and per day, are producing about seven gallons of pure water each.

At CEA Farms, various commercial and specialty crops are grown using hydroponics including tomatoes, cucumbers, and butterhead lettuce. Leafy vegetables, such as lettuce are also grown hydroponically and are currently being grown with WaterSeers in a closed-loop system.

Hydroponic and Vertical Farm Systems (H/VFS) use 20 times less water, get up to 20 times the crop yield for the same space, and they can be placed very close to the market, almost eliminating the distribution problem a solution perfect for northern Virginia. The controlled H/VFS environment allows precise direction of every aspect of the crop lifecycle. 

“We are excited to partner with the work CEA Farms is doing in the Vertical Farming and Hydroponics arena," said Don Zacherl, WaterSeer Inc. Co-Founder. 

“Our partnership is a perfect fit since we share the same vision to use totally off-grid and independent Hydroponics and Vertical Farm Systems to mitigate the problems associated with conventional agricultural practices which cause a wide range of negative impacts on the environment,” said WaterSeer Inc. Co-Founder Nancy Curtis.

"In the near future, CEA Farms is commited to building Greenhouses totally off the grid which are environmentally friendly, and can produce water onsite, with no need to use municipal water which has Chlorine and other chemicals. We also do not have to be dependent on surface water which has various contaminants and by using WaterSeers to generate our own water and to control the humidity in the Greenhouse, we can limit the amount of fungicide used by controlling our humidity," said Don Virts, owner, CEA Farms.  "At CEA Farms, we are offering our customers the finest, safest, healthiest and verifiable chemical free produce," Virts added. 

The benefits of hydroponic agriculture are numerous; in addition to higher yields and water efficiency, when practiced in a controlled environment, Hydroponic systems can be designed to support continuous production throughout the year. Hydroponic systems are very versatile and can range from rudimentary backyard setups to highly sophisticated commercial enterprises. 

The WaterSeer Sonoma is built and designed in a modular fashion, so no matter how small or large the H/VFS operation, the grower need only use exactly what they need, without over or under buying. The WaterSeer Sonoma is also light and movable, so it can be moved easily throughout the facility, depending on crop requirements. WaterSeers units can operate on common grid power, or on off-grid solar or wind-power. 

“Together with WaterSeer Inc., CEA Farms is building on our strong history of partnering and creating innovative solutions with the best innovators for the benefit of our clients and we look forward to expanding on that success for years to come,” said Virts.

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