Functional, but also elegant in design. It will not disfigure the landscape or  the environment. It’s designed to be included as an architectural feature of  urban parks, and incorporated into  recreational spaces.


Our products are sustainably manufactured. WaterSeer leaves nature's limited aquifers and water resources untouched. It can provide an endless supply of water naturally, using only sunlight and air.


It can be tailored to climate, condition, or customer requirements and can be used in almost any environment. WaterSeer can be grouped for large scale demands or for emergencies.

People want to control the quality of their water, to be able to have a sustainable solution, and know that it will be available even during times of severe drought or disaster.
— Nancy Curtis and Don Zacherl, Founding Partners

Simply Pure Water

WaterSeer can produce drinking water that meets the World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality and has been tested to EPA standards.  It can produce water in your backyard, a garden, farm, a park, even a village! This gives the WaterSeer user independence from municipal water system costs and rationing as well as providing an assured source of water in emergency situations, such as earthquakes, floods, or mechanical breakdowns.

Efficient and Scalable 

With severe droughts, shrinking reservoirs, and freshwater shortages in some areas of the US, water conservation is as important as ever for farmers. Micro-irrigation holds the most promise for increasing food productivity and security. Unlike large centralized water treatment systems which are very expensive to build, maintain, and operate, WaterSeer is a simple, easy to use and scalable solution. WaterSeer can be considered an option to implement a solution that will increase efficiency, equity and sustainability of water use. 

With every WaterSeer purchased, a percentage of proceeds are donated to our non-profit partners to help a family with no access to clean water.